sardoal The town of Sardoal clings to a hilltop on the north bank overlooking the River Tagus in Central Portugal. For years Sardoal has fondly held the title of Town Garden because of the plethora of flowers sprouting from every nook and cranny.

The origins of Sardoal have been lost in the mists of time and there is no written record of of how the town came into being. The oldest existing record – a letter from Queen Santa Isabel dating from 1313 – is in the Municipal archives.

Inhabitants of Sardoal are fondly referred to as Os Lagatos (the lizards), a term which was coined by Gil Vicente the 15th century Portuguese playwright who had strong links to the town.

Sardoal has many artistic connections not least a collection of seven 15th century oil painted oak panels – the work of the Master of Sardoal which document the best of Portuguese Manueline painting.

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