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Living in Central Portugal

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In 2006 the office of national statistics in the United Kingdom recorded record levels of Britons leaving the country permanently to live abroad. In 2006 alone over 380,000 people migrated to find places in the sun and the trend is growing.


Already there are over 50,000 Britons living in Portugal full-time, however the majority of those are based on the Algarve. Though the number discovering and moving to Central Portugal is growing. It is little wonder, the cost of

living is cheaper than both the UK and the Algarve, the scenery is unspoilt and house prices are still good value for money and the people are very hospitable.

Adapting to the way of life in Central Portugal may take some time. Away from the big cities, life is slower paced than that of Britain. You may find things, such as paperwork, take longer to achieve when dealing with authorities. The people in Central Portugal are friendly  and there is a real sense of community.

Before Before coming to Portugal it is definitely an advantage to try learn a few words of the language, even if it's just enough to say hello to your neighbours or to order your lunch. You will have fun learning the language and this will help you feel at home quicker. The majority of the younger generation learn English as school and are happy to practise their language skills. 

Portuguese take gastronomy seriously. In the Central region there are many excellent restaurants and cafes, which serve a variety of regional traditional dishes including roasted kid and bacalhau com natas (cod with cream) with superb locally produced wines. Eating out in Central Portugal is inexpensive and it is not unusual for a restaurant to offer a three course lunch with wine for 6€.  If you have a sweet tooth you will enjoy the large selection of regional cakes and desserts available.

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