The market town of ]is located in Central Portugal approximately one and three quarter hours’ drive from Lisbon airport.

The town was named by invading Arabs in the eighth century. They baptised the town Al-Bai-Zir and over the years it has evolved to it’s present name Alvaiázere.

The limestone mountain range, which depending on the season is covered in heather and small orchids, which looms over the town has the same name Serra da Alvaiázere.

Two rivers flow through and around the town. The River Nabão, which continues it’s course to Tomar, is one and the other is the river Alge.

Fertile soil and slopes well adapted for Olive trees ensure the continuance of the area’s base economy, agriculture.

Alvaiázere is famous for Chicharo, a chickling pea. Residents continue to hold festivals in the Chicharo’s honour, which is usually eaten with roasted piglet.

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