golega Golegã is situated in the heart of Portugal between the Tagus and the Almonda rivers in the Ribatejo province.

The name of is attributed to a woman of Galiza, owner of a boarding house called ‘Venda da Galega’ from which appears the present name of Golegã.

Golegã has a long-standing and deep-rooted equestrian tradition, and is now one of the leading exponents of Lusitanian equestrian culture. It is the venue for the National Horse Fair and the International Lusitano Horse Show every year.

Its landmarks include churches from the 15th and 16th centuries, manor houses, and a 19th century photographic studio and laboratory build by Carlos Relvas, as well as the nature reserve of Paul de Boquilobo.

Golegã benefits from wide ranging horse-related business activities from trade, training, sports and culture to leisure with many private stud farms.

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