Heather and Ekkehard


It’s been one year since we arrived in Portugal. This time last year, we were cruising through the surrounding villages of Tomar searching for “the house.” We had three weeks, a location, and a very long list (68 houses to be exact!). After eight busy days and 43 house visits behind us, Emily and Edgar, from Chavetejo Estate Agents, suggested we visit a house that was not on our list. They assured us that after so many viewings, they had a clearer sense of what we were looking for and felt like this could be the house for us. If nothing else we knew we would enjoy the nice views. They were right. From the very first visit we could imagine building a life here. The views, the layout, the light, the kitchen, the sunsets, and the proximity to walking trails – it all just clicked. We love our home more by the day. It’s a strange thing to love so much, a house, but especially for Ekkehard, who spent too many years living here, there and everywhere, having this set of keys offers something he calls “heimat,” which he describes as an emotion, a sense, with no adequate translation from German to English. We both agree that we have finally found “home.” We could not have done this without Edgar Ferraz, Claudia Silva Ferraz, Alice, and Emily. We are forever grateful for their team’s commitment, kindness, professionalism, and care.

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