Information guides to buying property in Portugal

information Our information guides are to here help anyone who is looking to either purchase or rent a property in Central Portugal or if you are intent on visiting the region for a holiday.

We will be adding more information in the future, however if you need any assistance in the meantime please don’t hesitate to contact us, as we will be delighted to help in whatever way we can.

Purchasing a property can be a daunting prospect, especially if it is in a foreign country. Not only do you face questions of where to look, where to stay and how to get here, there is the language barrier to overcome. However here at Chavetejo we hope to provide as much information for you to ensure you can make informed decisions.

At Chavetejo Imobiliaria we realise how difficult it can be in trying to search for a property remotely. Therefore our property details are always written with you in mind. We aim to give as much information as possible, as well as numerous photographs of each property – from rustic plots of land through to luxury lakeside villas – to help you form the best mental picture of the property as possible.

We believe there is a property in Central Portugal out there for everyone and therefore we do not use the usual ‘estate agent spiel’ to describe a property. We give honest, straightforward descriptions and let the property speak for itself, letting you make your own decisions, in your own time.

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