Óbidos, on the Costa Prata or Silver Coast of Central Portugal, is known as the ‘Wedding City’ as it was traditionally the bridal gift of the kings of Portugal to their queens. A custom which started in the 13th century by Dom Dinis and Dona Isabel.

It is without doubt one of Portugal’s most classic walled settlements with a maze of narrow, cobbled streets and white washed buildings.

When the original castle of Óbidos was built it was close to the sea, however over the past five hundred years the landscape has changed massively and the sea is now 28 kilometres to the west. The retreating sea left a fertile green plain and lagoon.

The Lagoon of Óbidos is the most extensive lagunar system in the coast of Portugal. It has an approximate area of 6.9 square kilometres and an average depth of two metres, with a quota that goes from half a metre to five metres.

There are many cafe bars and restaurants within Óbidos, a testament to its popularity with tourists. There are also a number of galleries and artisan shops. Óbidos regularly hosts highly popular festivals including the renowned Chocolate Festival held annually in February.

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