Rik and Sharon Morris Wiltshire, England

testimonial003 Rik and Sharon Morris, customers of Chavetejo Imobilaria

So now was the time to buy our dream house in Central Portugal, where to start, well Google seemed the obvious and soon we were directed towards www.chavetejo.com.

Every question I typed into Google about living or buying a house in Portugal seemed to bring us to the same conclusion, either Chavetejo or Gekkoportugal.

After a final decision making visit to the Silver Coast and Central Portugal region we decided to look for our house in the Tomar area. This is when we started to get involved with Derek, Nicky and Claudia from Chavetejo. Their knowledge, expertise and dedication to both the house hunters and the local area is second to none. We felt, at no time, under any pressure or obligation to rush any of the

viewings. Any questions we had were answered, without bias, with totally honest and experienced answers. They even got a few right at the quiz night we went to.

All three of them helped us through the whole buying process, including taking us to the Finances Office to convert our temporary fiscal numbers into permanent numbers, introducing us to Luis, our very good English speaking lawyer and sourcing a local builder for us at the second viewing to advise on some reworks to the house.

All in all the dedicated staff of Chavetejo will assist and help you in the purchase of your house in Portugal in a professional, welcoming and courteous manner.

We did try other estate agents and I can honestly say they weren’t a patch on Derek, Nicky and Claudia. It seemed to us the other agents just wanted to sell us a house, where as, Chavetejo wanted to sell us our dream, and dreams do come true. Thank you Derek, Nicky and Claudia for all your help and continued support.”

Rik and Sharon Morris Wiltshire, England

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