Vila Nova da Barquinha

vilanovabariquina012 is not only a town, but a municipality covering an area of 49 square kilometres. The town itself is nestled on the northern banks of the River Tagus and is a picturesque mix of cobbled, narrow streets with white washed buildings and wide open green parks.

There are four villages, which including the town itself, make up the municipality of Vila Nova da Barquinha – Atalaia, Moita do Norte, Tancos and Praia do Ribatejo.

During the 12th century because of it’s strategic position on the River Tagus, the Knight Templars were given charge to defend the area against a Moorish invasion. Under the leadership of Grand Master Gualdim Pais castles were constructed along the banks of the Tagus. However one of the finest structures, Almourol Castle, was constructed on a small island in the centre of the river.

Almourol Castle still remains and is a popular destination for many historians and tourists alike who take the small ferry to the island to walk in the foot prints of the warrior Knights.

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